New Haven Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation

Amputee Rehab Program

Each of our long-term care residents has their own story, and our care teams help them experience the best that each day has to offer.
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Quality Care

New Haven Center offers a specialized rehab program for amputees.
In response to the community’s needs, we developed a dedicated rail/rehabilitation harness to assist in restoring balance for walking. This special equipment eliminates the fear of falling and helps to foster confidence in our patients so they can achieve faster progress and results. New Haven Center is the first facility in Connecticut to utilize this special equipment.

Watch the exciting moment below of a resident at New Haven Center's "graduation".

This gentleman came to us as a double amputee and didn’t think he would walk again. After extensive rehab designed specifically for his needs, he walked out on discharge day to the applause of the staff at New Haven Center.

Personalized Rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation program is personal.
Our amputees patients are treated not just with respect to their physical needs, but also with emotional counseling and support through our Social Work Department. Our team works with the patient’s doctor and surgeon throughout their rehab at New Haven Center.
New amputees are measured for a “crash helmet” that is worn over the wound to protect the area while beginning initial rehab. We provide coordination for the correct fitting prosthesis, whether it is fitted at our facility or was fitted at the hospital.
This personalized approach is what sets us apart and why our amputee patients do extremely well under our expert care.